Monday, November 30, 2009

Good weekend 0.5

Dogbox on Friday night was awesome. So awesome in fact that I drove home in total daylight.

Joe and I had a really fun head to head. Nathan Scott Phillips played the most awesome set of rock and roll I have heard in like forever. That said I missed the last part of it to head off to Chad's car and listen to the almost final mix of "Friendship Test", the massively anticipated debut EP by Us Kids Know (recorded by Andreas and Martinique of the mighty Sticky Antlers and KRNGY).

I'm counting that time spent in Chad's car as some of the best 30 minutes I've experienced all year. As high as my hopes were for what Friendship Test might have been, they were totally surpassed. All recorded live, in single takes, onto reel to reel, the songs capture the bands energy perfectly. Beyond that, the way the songs were recorded reveal intricacies that I've never caught when seeing them live. Over the course of it's 5 songs Friendship Test gets everything right that almost every recording act in South Africa gets completely wrong. I can see myself ranting about this EP loads leading up to (and following) it's December 12 release date, so let me not go on about it too much. For now all I will say is Friendship Test is sounding very very very good.

I spent Saturday in the great company of a bunch of old friends for Nick-apalooza, which was a rather awesome birthday celebration bursting with sunshine, guitar amps blaring Weezer and delicious butternut and mushroom friends.

Yesterday I recorded the vocals for a song! I mentioned before how Jar, Col, Cam and i had started making sweet sweet music together. What come out of my mouth yesterday will form a part of our first recorded song. Hopefully I'll be able to be able to share the finished thing with you through an animal call soon!

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