Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ben Rausch is hating beign a slow-moving, round-eyed devil.

Pretty frustrated by how much i wanna do and how little I can get done. Posts about UK are gonna start going up tonight - promise.

This past weekend was great. On Thursday I DJed at the launch party for the new Arcade Fire DVD, "Mirror Noir". On Friday we celebrated Maaike's birthday in awesome house party style. On Saturday I played a show with Kidofdoom at the Alexander Theater. I didn't catch the night's headlining act (Toxic Avenger from France) but I had a super great time during our show.

Sunday was ridiculously fun; Cameron, Colin, Jared and I got together and played music. I was yelling into a mic for the first time since my last Johnny Neon show more than a year ago. I had such a rad time. We're doing it again this Sunday. Hopefully we make something out of it. Hopefully we become a band. It should be do-able, if I weren't such a slow-moving, round-eyed devil.

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