Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fridge Poetry - Soweto Slo Mo EP

Today's music comes from one of my favourite people on planet Earth. Together, we've shared some of the highlights of my life including the time that:

In Johannesburg we tamed lion cubs.
In Cape Town we got lost in the mountains.
In Baltimore, some crazy man convinced us he was part of Pretty Girls Make Graves.
In New Orleans we had an impromtu dance party in the middle of an empty club.
In New York City we played our hearts out.
In some random diner "learned us how ta eat Suthern".
In the middle of nowhere USA we ripped the roof off our camper van, then played in fountains. 
In Philadelphia we got shut down by the cops. Had a drink, then finished our set.
In Manchester we saw the world's most frightening backstage graffiti.
In Lausanne we played under a bridge, built hundreds of years ago.
In Rotterdam we got silly.
In Berlin we cleaned out a whole buffet.
In Rosenheim we ran around on hotel rooftops, in the rain at 2AM.
In Achen we played in an abandoned Cold War bunker.
In Prague we drank absinthe.
In Paris we played the quietest rock and roll show ever.
In Birmingham we played X-Box and ate curry and hung out in the park
In transit we defeated The Ice Of Boston.
In Chicago we did scream-acapella covers of Weezer and mimed playing drums for Mock Orange.
In Madison we raced office chairs around a fancy boardroom.

I could just keep going on and on and on about all the awesome memories I've generated alongside this lovely man, through Africa and Europe and The States. But that's not what I'm here for! So let me just jump straight ahead to saying today's music fix comes from none other than Junior Foreigner!
Best known as the beast behind the beats and bleepy-bits of Johnny Foreigner, Jun also produces some super lush electronic music under the name Fridge Poetry. He's just released his debut EP which you can freely stream to your heart's content bellow!

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