Thursday, May 30, 2013

You are invited to even more awesome stuff!

It's actually a bit too much; I've been busy since Monday crafting a huge post about everything that happened over last week. The second half of the Dune Rats tour was just great and I had the DJ set of my life at Sowing the Seeds and all this other awesome stuff happened in between all that. I'm working on a post that does it all justice but damn! It's just too much! Especially with trying to juggle actual work as well - it's taking ages! So I'm quickly jumping ahead, letting you know about what new adventures you can join me on over the next three days!

Tonight, Ri and I are trying something new with our regular Thursday night party, Hi5! This Thursday will mark the first Hi5 Lounge! The idea is, the last Hi5 of each month will be a free hang-out where Ri and I play whatever we want and get our friends in to come DJ with us. If you'd like to be one of those friends, grab some CDs, swing by Kitcheners tonight come kick out the jams with us!

Then on Friday, Eyes Like Mirrors are making our return to our favourite venue in the city, the awesome Bioscope Independent Cinema! This the the most perfect place for us to do our cinema-rock thing and what more we're return to the Bioscope as part of a fantastic lineup of bands. Expect all kinds of audio-visual magic from A Skyline on Fire and The Watermark High who we're supporting! Really can't wait for this one!

Then on Saturday, it's time for Untamed Youth! It's really no secret just how much love I have for these cross-city disco freakouts. That said, I am especially excited for this next episode because I'll be going head to head with Data Takashi, the CDJ-wizard that was my full time partner back when I started DJing in 2005! Beyond the Sassquatch vs Data Takashi reunion, the lineup for this episode of Untamed Youth is solid gold from start to finish. You'd be pretty foolish to miss this!

Well, that's what I'm looking forward to - hoping to let you know about last weeks awesomeness before all this hits. Fingers crossed that i can pull that off!


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