Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Home Movie Factory opens this weekend!

After weeks and weeks of hard work by a very dedicated little team, The Home Movie Factory will finally open it's doors this weekend!

The opening weekend has sold out, but you can head HERE to make bookings for future dates!

On Thursday night, The Bioscope are celebrating the launch of their grandest project to date with an opening event that should be pure awesome! Your humble narrator will be picking out a bit of a soundtrack and doing some VJing. I can not wait to project visuals onto a screen the size of the giant one they have in MOAD!

Not even sure if there are any tix left, but the Bioscope just messaged their mailing list, offering up 50 double tickets for the event. RSVP to info@thebioscope.co.za to try grab a pair!

Click this pic for giant sized floor plan awesomeness!

All HMF photos hijacked from the intagram of Bioscope head honcho Russel Grant AKA rusky_boy. Follow him. For your health!

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