Thursday, November 10, 2011

You are invited: Rebel Alliance 2!

Jozi's only rock and roll/ animation/ film mash-up night is back with Rebel Alliance 2 “Attack the Clones”!
For this month's installment we've lined up:

Poseidon Adventure!
Our live act for this month, unveiling a brand new show, taking you along with the legendary Oom as he travels through time and space!

Swart Koffie!
A short film by PJ Kotze; Racist Lizard-people, a flying boer, Proffesor Mystery & The Voortrekker Monument collide in an explosion of B-Grade Afro-Sci-Fi Awesomeness.

A collection of local music video's celebrating South African landscapes, with gems from Bateleur, A Skyline on Fire, Wreslerish and Balcony.

Slave Race!
An unruly new Rebel Alliance monthly feature! For it's debut installment, expect rebellious words from George Carlin, set to animation by Matt McFarlane.

Martian Martian 2004-6!
The lastest release on SMACM; a posthumous offering of various songs from the now dead, genre-defying bedroom noise-pop producer, Martian Martian. Complied with a zine illustrated by Jean de Wet, lucky Alliance attendees can win copies and for the rest it'll be playing in The Chalkboard Cafe before and after the event.

“Pixel Pirates” vs “Turn your lights up high”!
The city's most creative visual hackers are back with more eye-melting goodness.

I probably don't need to mention the fact that I'm excited about this.

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