Monday, November 7, 2011

You are invited: Electric Affair "Beardo Weirdo"

The King of Town in back in town! A total pioneer, former amazing event designer, super-producer and quite possibly the best DJ to emerge from our generation of Gauteng DJs, King of Town changed the face of South African nightlife from when he started "The Secret" sometime in 2004 until he left Jozi for London in 2009. His remix of "Kiss You" launched Desmond and the Tutus into the international spotlight and since then has been commissioned to remix artists ranging from Wild Beats and Franz Ferdinand to Phenomenal Handclap Band.

On Friday The King will be coming home for a few days. Under the guise of Paul Holden he'll be launching his latest book, and while he's back in town we thought we'd throw a little party.

More than two years back Marc Latilla suggested he and I should throw a disco party. The Electric Affair was born and with King of Town and Young Smuts completing the lineup, our debut night turned out to be a huge success. We always wanted to do a follow-up party, but circumstance always seemed to be against us. Now, years down the line, I'm really happy that we're finally making it happen. Tragically Latilla isn't able to join us this time around, but with Data Takashi filing in for him it's still a totally solid lineup of disco-loving-DJs!

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