Friday, May 6, 2011

Jo Fo Euro. Day 4. Camden Crawl

We stay over at Karlie's after the Wimbledon show.
After we wake up I separate from the kids to get to Chelsea... visit my dear friend Rob Hart... eat the most awesome Dutch pancakes...
...and then wander around the streets of Chelsea.
Afterwards we head through to Camden Crawl and reunite with the band...
...and get our passes...
...and watch a band I'm pretty damn fond of called Dutch Uncles.
Who were followed up by Young Legionnaire who will be supporting us on some of the dates of our European tour.
And then headed to the The Electric Ballroom to see the pretty damn lovely Slow Club.
And then through to The Black Cap where we'd be playing. And luckily got there to catch the set of Team Ghost.
Who were hauntingly awesome.
And then it was time for us ghosts.
And then drove back to Birmingham.

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