Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jo Fo Euro. Day 6. Paris

So after playing X-Box through the night Jun and I find ourselves the first people of our party ready to leave as planned at 5AM. We head down the road to find our shiny new van...
...and shiny new driver Nester, who just happens to play drums in a band I'm rather partial to called Sky Larkin.
Nester safely delivers us to our ferry at Dover.
Ferry then safely delivers us to Calais, France.
Nester then safely delivers us to the streets of Paris...
... to International, where we'd be playing that night.
Grab a nice little coffee in the sun.
Head back to the venue... catch the awesomely rock and roll "Plus Guest"
and the beautifully danceable "Colt Silvers".
And the cue us, playing the first date of our European tour.

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