Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jo Fo Euro. Day 12. Aachen, Germany

We wake up.
Get in the van and get through to Aachen pretty early.
I'm really excited about the venue we'll be playing tonight; AZ is a bomb shelter from the 50ies that's become a live venue.
No-one is around to let us into this huge concrete block, but we do find a little clue that this is indeed the spot we'll be playing at in a few hours.
We grab some lunch, do some laundry.
When we get back to the venue we find a large couch has magically materialized outside.
A while later a dreadlocked girl shows up and tells us we can get in through the back entrance. Inside AZ feels like something out of a movie, every surfaced covered in graffiti, a huge stage, backstage lounge and skatepark inside it.
While waiting for the first band to start we work on once again making sleeves for "... shooting star..." records.
Then watch local support act Periscope who are breath of fresh air playing music that I can never pin down into a genre.
And then it's time for Young Legionnaire to do that loud thing they do.
And then we do that ghostly thing we do. The crowd are fantastically responsive, maybe the best one we've pulled all tour. Needless to say we have tons of fun.
Afterwards we hang around this anomaly of a venue. Sell a bunch of records. Meet some cool kids. When it comes time to pack up we figure we should get some band shots of us in this crazy space.
And then leave are mark on it forever.


C86 said...

Ben, I Love You.

You're so Lysdexic.

Ben Rausch said...

What did I get wrong now?

I swear it's not dyslexia - i'm just simple minded and crap at spelling.