Sunday, May 15, 2011

You are invited! Let's kiss and make up!

The night I get back to Johannesburg Ri and I will be throwing the next party in our "High Five Records" series. I can't wait for this!
Vol. 4: HIGH FIVE RECORDS compile a TWEE AS FUCK party. A post-anorak tribute to the underground's softer, sweeter, gooeyer side. An uncovering of the roots of indie pop as well as a celebration of all that NME's mixtape "C86" has inspired over the many years. Let's party like we're the fresh kids on the Cutie scene. Be pop geeks, fall in love with all the pretty things. Exchange mixtapes like loveletters filled with rainbows and sunshine, out-of-tune innocence, heartache and regret. Sixties pop jangle, girl-group bubblegum hum, bratty guitar buzz, summer in Sweden - pure, perfect pop! "Let's Kiss and make up."

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