Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jo Fo Euro. Day 14 Rosenheim

We wake up and discover the view of Prague from our balcony.
And then discover a weird little statue on a weird little shelf in the corner of the room.
Then Nestor makes some magic happen getting our van out of the little street we're stuck in.
We head back into Germany, and arrive in Rosenheim. Lex needs strings, so half our party heads off to find a music shop, while Jun and I sit our asses down to drink some locally brewed weissbier and eat some currywurst.
We meet up with the rest of the gang and hang in a pretty park for a bit.
Then make our way back to the venue and along the way discover a local brewery making people drink something called "Hell".
Back at the venue we soundcheck, get fed great lasagna and meet some swell new friends.
Young Legionaire do their thing and it's pretty damn great.
We do our thing which is fun even though we can't really hear what's happening onstage and the people of Rosenheim stand and watch us all silent and motionless. Honestly, after the amazingness that was Prague last night anything would seem a little anti-climactic I suppose.

After the show we stick around for a few drinks and then we walk to the hotel we'll be staying in. Once we get there we discover that we can get onto the roof of the hotel through the window in our room, so some major hooliganism follows, running around on the roof in the light rain.

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