Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jo Fo Euro. Day 15 Oberhausen

Today's drive to Oberhausen is pretty epic, so we wake up early, have some breakfast, walk back to the venue to get our vanadream, then hit the road. The most exciting thing we see along the way is a huge building that looks like R2D2. The photo I snap of it does the droid no justice, so let's just skip to Lex sitting in the road outside the venue, re-stringing his guitar.
We're playing a venue called Drukluft and it's just awesome; a community arts center with a multitued of venues for different musicians and artist to make things, exhibit them or put on performaces.
We're given dinner by the venue's lovely in house vegan restraunt and enjoy a bit of sun before we head inside.
It's pretty clear early on this is going to be one of the more quite shows, but Young Legoinaire rock out regardless. Then it's our turn to take to the stage and do our thing for the great little crowd that have pulled through.
And it's awesome.
We hang at the venue for a bit, then head to the hostel we've been booked into. From outside the place looks a little odd, but only once we head in do we discover just how weird it really is.
Various shenanigans ensue.
Dean stands making a strange squeaking sound outside our room for what seems like forever. Gordon walks into the place and rings a large bell that says "Haus Alarm". Five minutes later Dan walks in, takes one look at the bell and does the same thing. While we're trying to find a vending machine or some kind of food source Lex and Jun sneak into the clearly marked "staff only" swimming pool. Later we find Dean has somehow gotten locked outside the hostel. And then there's Lex, constantly asking where the internet is.

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