Monday, October 26, 2009

The Hair has almost been everywhere...


It's been an insane past 2 months. I've DJ 13 parties and rocked the keytar for 4 shows with Kidofdoom. Thanks to anyone that's come through and rocked out with me.

Only 3 shows left, and they promise to be some of best of the tour!

On Wednesday night I'll be playing a DJ set at Cheeky Monkey in Lynwood. This has only in the past few weeks been renovated and converted into a live venue. Pretoria has been DYING for a new live house for years, so I can't wait to check this spot out. I'll be joined by my usual gang of Doomers and the band that make every other band on the continent look lame - Isochronous. Check out the event here:

The next night I'll be teaming up with one of my fav local DJs, Marc Latilla for a set in support of the JHB Kidofdoom album launch. Of course I'll also be blazing the visuals with the Doom boys. This will be our final performance of the audiovisual milestone we've been putting on at the previous launches, and something you definitely don't wanna miss. Check it:

And finally, the universe has totally saved the best for last. The final date of the tour will be 31 October - Halloween 2009. Not only will it be my final show in an awesome tour, it'll be the first party I'm officially throwing since we ended Sovereign Academy over a year ago. What's more we've assembled the most absurdly bad-ass gang of monster-creatives to realise our vision of a robot-apocalypse. I won't even begin to rant about the insane d├ęcor we're planning or the incredible soundtrack you'll experience it to, I'll just link you to the event to see what's coming your way:

And with that let me say goodnight, oh faithful friends of the Sass.


P.S. I've written quite a bit on my blog lately - why not pop over for a visit?

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