Sunday, October 11, 2009

Durban sweat city

That past 3 nights have been quite frantic.

On Wednesday night my hands were hired to pick out songs for the ears of the kids that came through to B2B for the Joburg album launch of the new New Holland album "Exploded Views".

Fun times.

On Thursday it was the same deal, except the Stellenbosch boys and I were playing Tings for their Pretoria launch.

More fun times.

I stayed over in "Beverly Hills", Joe's place in Pretoria. We were planning to wake up way early on Friday morning to make the drive through to to Durban for it's installment in the epic "My Faith in War" launch party series.

We didn't get away half as early as planned. We spent most of the day in the van, stuck in Joburg morning rush-hour and Durban afternoon rush-hour. Luckily we were joined in this misadventure by the ultra-affable boys of Cutout Collective who were sharing our van with us.

Bonus fun times.

The show itself was great. Cool (weird) venue, awesome sound, great turnout, Cutout slayed. We had a crazy fun time playing the new Doom songs to the super responsive crowd. Sadly my keytar malfunctioned, so I only got to rock the first 4 songs properly, but still i had a great time.

Fun fun fun times.

The only downside was something I'm beginning to call the Durban-Sass-Damnation-Curse. The curse been that of the 7 times I'm supposed to have played in or around Durban, I've actually only played properly twice. This has sometimes been thanks to horribly organised tours, asshole sound-men or other laughable mishaps. On Friday the organizer had forgotten she was supposed to have organised CDJs for me to DJ on after Kidofdoom. We discovered this around 6:30 at which point Joe and Dom flew into Ultra Doggy Mode and phoned everyone they knew in town, eventually sourcing a pair of decks for me. Unfortunately this still didn't prevent the Durban-Sass-Damnation-Curse from kicking in. The lineup ran late and when it was time for me to start playing I was told the music would need to be over in 7 minutes and 38 seconds. Great.

Still, thanks to everyone that was a part of this great little 24 hour tour.


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