Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our faith in War.

If I write about the exploits of our family, I'm generally enthusiastic. Or very enthusiastic. I completely stand by any excited rants I've made in the past. Even if I was just seeing Us Kids Know shambolically churn their way through their first show in a parking lot, it's something that made me feel like some part of me needed to explode, rip it's way out of my skin and propel itself up into the stars. And so when I wrote about it, I tried to convey that excitement. The only problem with being this general enthusiasm is I'm now quite unable to explain just how incredible this past weekend was.

As mentioned previously, we launched the new Kidofdoom album in three different cities between Wednesday and Saturday night.

The three launch parties were honestly three of the best nights of my life, right up there with seeing Q and not U live and my first Secret party.
Peter and I were on our usual lights/ visuals duties. Similarly to how we organized the visual side of the "Trajectory" trilogy, we planned out a loose narrative journey to take the audience on. The difference this time was that, along with the primary set of visuals I played on a pair of plasma screens, we animated a second set of simple, graphic loops that we projected at the audience through smoke. It worked out pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
Outside of the success of this new experiment, I was just generally overjoyed with how things went. Peter and I have been plotting an audio-visual apocalypse for years now, and while we still have a long was to go, the launch tour was definitely the closest we've come to pulling it off.

But other than my jubilation at how well the lights and images came together, every aspect of the parties themselves felt like major milestones. Starting with the sheer joy I felt between the Doomers as we ripped through the new songs, down to the same joy we felt the crowd throwing back at us every night, these shows were incredible. I really don't have words to describe how special they were, how proud I am to be a little piece in whatever puzzle we've been happily slaving away on since early 2006.

Luckily, in my time of worldlessness, someone far more eloquent has written about her experience at 2 of the 3 launch parties:

Read Lize Kay's words about the launch parties here!
Fuck yeah!

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Dominique said...

awesome mcAwesome! indeed the best visual/audio/all round/turbo sensory blasting i have ever had at a show in South Africa! The last show which made me gawk like that was Mars Volta at Brixton Academy....