Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kidofdoom album launches, Cape town tonight. Pretoria tomorrow night. fuck yeah!!!

This is a post I just sent the Facebook Sassquatch Fans. In it you will read about the audio-visual-exploits of the Doomers and I...

Yo yo

The hair everywhere tour is going awesome! Thanks to everyone that's made any of the shows, especially the Stellenbosch kids that made the first of the Kidofdoom CD launches on Wednesday night. Epic doesn't begin to describe the awesome time we had with you in Klein Libertas.

Tonight we're hoping to tear things apart into even tinier pieces at Mercury in Cape Town. Before we'll be searing eyeballs with the Doom I'll be playing some records from about 9:30ish, so come through early for some extra sass.

Same goes for you on Saturday Pretoria. You kids are gonna have to give us a pretty massive welcome home if you're hoping to outshine what went down in Stellenbosch on Wednesday.

Fuck yeah!


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