Monday, March 28, 2011

You are invited! Us Kids Know - Cape Tour 2011!

For years Us Kid's Know have been my favourite active band in Joburg. Ever since they unveiled their unique blend of instrumental fun in the Canned Applause parking lot one December evening, Us Kid's Know have been one of the best reasons to be excited about South African music. Saddly though, in all these years the Kids have never taken their awesomeness any further than Durban. Thankfully that's about to change.

This weekend The Kids will be making their first expedition to Cape Town, playing two shows at Evol and The Assembly. As if this alone weren't cause enough for any Cape Town kids to be excited, the band will also be releasing a tour only EP. Featuring artwork made up of photos by Animal Call favourites Lindi Goosen and Patrick Dinneen (and art direction by Angela Hancock) getting your hands on a copy of "Jingle Jizz" will be the cherry on the top of an awesome evening if you can make it to one of these shows!

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