Monday, March 7, 2011

Hooray for Humans! First run of Crusades is sold out!

On Saturday night we threw a launch party to celebrate the release of the debut Eyes Like Mirrors EP "Crusades". The launch, held in The Bioscope, was highly successful. So successful in fact that it's now my pleasure to announce our first run of Crusades has already sold out!

There are still 19 copies of the EP that will be making their way onto the shelves of Look and Listen stores across the country over the course of this week, but as it stands right now we're not we don't have any copies of Crusades left.

For a small band like ELM we figured doing a run of 100 copies of the EP would last us for ages. Now, having essentially sold out on the night that Crusades was launched, we couldn't be a happier to be in a position where we're already having more copies pressed to get out to other retailers and to sell at our future shows.

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