Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Mix Friday! Plaat Japie is a Crusader!

This is a really special one:

For the Eyes Like Mirrors EP launch tomorrow night, Riaan Botha, under his rock and roll moniker Plaat Japie, has whipped up an hour and seventeen minutes of sheer awesome. Along with Nathan Scott Phillips' much celebrated "Visible Horizon" this mix will be soundtracking the not-ELM-playing part of the night. Ri has been a huge supporter of the band for years (in fact I was introduced to the band at a magical rooftop show Ri threw back in 08) and the creation of this mix is just the cherry on the top years of total sweetness. I'm a fan of every mix I post here on Free Mix Fridays, but "Crusader" really is on a whole other level. Easily the most beautiful thing I've heard mixed by a local DJ, I cannot possibly recommend strongly enough that you

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