Thursday, February 17, 2011

You are invited! Crusades launch!

In one of my proudest moments to say "you are invited"; I'm ecstatic to be able to tell you about this one. On the first Saturday of next month Eyes Like Mirrors will be launching our debut EP "Crusades". To mark this special occasion we're ecstatic to be throwing a little launch party in the city's most well-loved independent cinema, The Bioscope. Playing in a sit-down venue on a big screen is a total dream come true for us. To do justice to this opportunity we're rework our entire set visually. The night will also feature hang out times before and after the show in The Bioscope's recently unveiled "Chalkboard Cafe". Mirror friends Plaat Japie and Nathan Scott Phillip will kindly be suplying some mixes of instrumental music to Soundtrack this and Mirror resident artist Franci Lawlor will be drawing on the walls of The Chalkboard itself! There are less than 60 tickets left for this special night, so I'd suggest you click here, scroll down the "What's showing next" section till you get to the 5th of March and book now!

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