Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hooray for Humans! SMACM exsists!

Regular Animal Callers should know my band Eyes Like Mirrors are less than ten days away from launching our debut EP "Crusades". Something I haven't mentioned yet however is that this CD will be the first release by So Many Animal Calls Music, a little label I've started up to release Crusades, and hopefully some other exciting local releases in the future!

Running a label isn't something I ever imagines myself doing. As thin as I've spread myself over the years, releasing music is something I thought I'd leave to somebody else. But, 6 years down the line, seeing so much great music come and go without being properly documented, it's time to stop waiting for someone to take a more DIY approach to releasing local records.

Inspired by local luminaries KRNGY and international heroes Dischord and Temporary Residence, I'm hoping that (even if it is on a much smaller scale) SMACM will bring people truly rock and roll music, packaged in lovingly crafted art. The label's first release is definitely getting SMACM off to a good start in this regard. As mentioned previously, the packaging is made up of artwork drawn by Miss Franci Lawlor and designed by Mr Me. What I haven't mentioned yet is that this art will be presented on a very exciting new medium for packaging music. Paperfoam is a totally eco-friendly material, made from 100% recycled materials and 100% biodegradable. The CDs are fully packaged and ready for our launch next weekend. On Tuesday we delivered a shipment of them to Look and Listen. Joburg fans can look forward to being able to buy Crusades on the Monday after the Bioscope launch of the EP launch. Later that week Crusades will be available nationally through the Look and Listen stores across the country!

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