Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good weekend. Foambox and the film fails.

Yes, there was some shit that went wrong this weekend, but I didn't create this blog as a platform to complain about when things don't work. So with that in mind, here's the good news.

I played Foambox on Friday night! This year Joe and the Hotbox boys really outdid themselves. The Foam was contained in a giant inflatable with two godzilla sized dolphin heads bursting out. Last year's foam party was total carnage and this year wasn't any different. I hung out, enjoyed Proffesor Mystery's tunes, played some Young Empires, Fool's Gold and generally had a super fun set. I had to rush home to get back to work on animating visuals for the Eyes Like Mirrors video shoot, but I got to stick around for half of Suttner's set. It was a really great power dose of party in a week that had been work work work up to there. And then it was back to work work work. And on Saturday it was shoot, shoot, shoot until the evening where I could finally chill, chill, chill which was when J-Dawg and I got to kill, kill, kill loads of robots. On Sunday I was feeling pretty destroyed. Working every night of the week on the artwork for the EP, then the animation for the video and then the shoot itself had really taken it out of me. Luckily there was nothing I needed to do besides curl up with some very special furry friends. I bought the Beasts of Burden trade ages ago, but being such a special, unique comic I've been doing my best to drag it out. I figure that, if it took 7 years to write and paint the stories in it, the least I can do is drag the thing out for a few months. Sadly, those few months came to an end with me finishing the last of these pet horror gems on Sunday morning. After comic time I tried playing some Fallout, but honestly my brain was too tired to even make decisions like "where in the wasteland do I want to go now?". In the end i realised the only thing that would be right for me would be hanging out with my main man; Carl Sagan. Later in the day I havd to finalise the art of the Mirrors EP before we'd send it in to the printers on Monday. After it's done Shawn and I teamed up and (almost a year since we started exploring Pandora together) finally finish the epic masterpiece that is Borderlands.

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