Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Weekend: Noodlebox and the Crusades crusades

Not a whole bunch went down this weekend. On Fridat night Phil and I went through to The Bioscope. They were hosting their monthly Noodlebox night and this month they were screening cult favourite Battle Royale. I love this film. It's Anime meet Kubrick approach to cinema is just too cool. Seeing it on a big screen while eating a box of chow mein was a pretty damn awesome way to spend a Friday night that Phil and I topped off by hanging out with our homeboy Louis Theroux. On Saturday morning I did some driving around, delivering Crusades posters to my favourite spots around town. Hit up 70 Juta, Ke Ai, Deerhunter, The Street and Wolves. Dropped by the Gautrain Station to collect Matt Suttner who just got in from a trip to Cape Town. Rocked a great lunch and followed it up with a slightly too long nap. Then headed through to Annette's flat for birthday celebrations of the most fun variety. Awesome snacks, awesomer tunes and even more awesome company the night was just great.

I mostly spent Sunday working on visuals for the EP launch. Why exactly I'm blogging about animating Franci drawings and chopping up clips of silent German movies I don't know. I guess that's just what went down. Oh yeah, and did I mention I got to play a bit of Anja's Valentine's gift to me? Too cool.

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