Monday, January 17, 2011

You are invited! Tennyson Extended Make Over

I'm really excited to be able to invite you to this one. On Friday night the mighty Make Overs will again be invading Shiva's; Pretoria's home for fake-rock decor and real-rock music. Supporting them on this invasion the band have recruited The Frown, Pity Fucks and, Animal Call favourites, Tennyson Extended. The prospect of a seeing show with these bands alone would be enough cause for excitement, but I'm especially looking forward to this one because I'll be joining Tennyson for a few songs. You may remember that back at Get a Room I did one track with the band. We had so much fun jamming together that the boys have invited me to possibly join the band as a 4th member. It's pretty funny; between 2002 and 2005 Maaike and I played in a band called The Stallion Assassin Stiletto Squad. We were doing something quite different, but in spirit what we were going for was pretty damn close to kind of abrasive dance-punk Tennyson spit out. What's amusing to me is that in 3 years together Maaike and I never got to get up on a stage and play people the songs we'd been jamming in our bedrooms. Now after less than 2 weeks of practice with Tennyson I'll be playing my first show with the band. Being back in my hometown, supporting The Make Overs (two friends who even in 2004 were already playing great music), I can't imagine a more perfect setting to be making my debut with this young band. Saying I'm looking forward to this show would be quite an understatement.

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