Thursday, January 20, 2011

Link Highligh: Sad birthdays!

In their own words Sad Birthdays is an "Independent music blog based in Jol-hannesburg, South Africa ". There's not really much that needs to be said beyond that. It is worth noting what a rarity this is for our little part of the world. You only need to spend a minute of Hypemachine to see there are litrally thousands of kids in first world countries writing music blogs. Here in Johannesburg however (as far as I've seen) Sad Birthday's is the first of it's kind.

It's possibly also worth mentioning that Sad Birthdays was started up by the awesome Mr. Iain Cluett. Since starting the blog he's also drafted Us Kids Know drummer, retro gaming enthusiast and chill-wave-surfer Chad Polley and my high Five partner-in-crime, Canned Applause super-hero and DJ with 1000 alter egos; Riaan Botha. Collectively the boys write about a pretty a broad spread of music but as a rule it's pretty much all awesome.

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