Tuesday, January 18, 2011

(Really) Good weekend. Shut-up-surprise and the high five take-off.

The weekend starts with disappointment. I was planning to spend Friday night at The Bioscope for their Noodle Box screening of "The Good, The Bad and the Weird". Unfortunately, after forgetting to buy tickets all week, when I finally got down to booking some the event had sold out. This left me on Friday afternoon with no plans for the night. Luckily, a few minutes after the great Bioscope disappointment, Chad called. Filling me in that he was house-sitting a place around the corner from my home, he invited me over to come hang out.

Following in the usual fashion of last minute plans for nights with no expectations, our Friday night turned out to be really fantastic affair. Inviting over a lovely collection of human beings, Chad also soundtracked the night with 5 hours of perfect chillwave. And while the human company kept us there till after 3, the most special part of the night came from hanging out with a mad cuddly cat listening to said soundtrack. As much as I enjoyed our adventures on Friday night, I came to really regret them on Saturday morning. It wasn't hanging till so late, the great music, killer cat or having Chad tell me to shut up a hundred times that I regreted, instead it was the bottle of whiskey that went down with all this that suddenly seemed like a terrible idea. Luckily I had the best hangover cure at hand, a little film call Horton Hears a Who. After Horton helped me forget my headache, my Saturday was made even more awesome with the help of Black Hole and Borderlands. And a few hours later it felt like we were back at Chad's place, hearing him playing more chillwave at the launch of our new party, High Five Records. While the mood of Chad's DJ set was identical to his soundtrack from the previous night's party, the result of playing this music was quite different. By 9 he's worked up a nice little floor and by 9:30 it's totally cooking. It's encouraging seeing how enthusiastically people are getting down to such laid back music. Once Cam takes over and takes things in a more rock and roll direction the dancefloor erupts into very friendly, smiley, chaos. Cam plays a really bold set, placing a heavy emphasis on a live feel. Given their generally "poorer" quality, live recordings barely ever get played out by DJs on this side of the world, but right now Cam's building a whole set around them. He's found great versions of regular dancefloor anthems by TV on the Radio and We Have Band and they move the dancefloor as much as the originals ever did. Best of all there's about 8 minutes worth of pure-power from Arcade Fire tearing through two tracks that seamlessly flow out of one another. After a good half hour of totally loosing it to Cam's set it occurs to me that I'm only going to start my set in 2 and a half hours and should probably conserve some energy for it. I head outside to get some fresh air. Hang out with Phil, Marc and various other awesomefriends. Unfortunately, the courtyard is so full of people and so loud I can't hear what's going down on the dancefloor and miss the one song I've been looking forward to dancing to all day. Earlier in the week Cam showed me a video for a song he planned to play at High Five and ever since I haven't been able to stop telling Anja how excited I am for Kimba. I really am gutted to have missed Kimba and then also realise Anja and I never ate the dinner we bought on the way to the party. We quickly head to the car to eat and on the way out discover the venue has reached capacity. The door is closed, only letting 1 person in for each person that leaves. In all the crazy, packed nights that have gone down at Kitchener's this is the first time I've seen this happen. Putting food in my piehole and contemplating how our gig has sold out, I slowly get over my kimba-induced depression. Head back in. Dancing some more to Cams set and telling myself there will be more Kimbas in the future I get back up to the level of joy that seems to be gushing through the party. As Ri takes over it's like it turns into euphoria. Between dancing and catching my breath I run into old friends I haven't seen in ages and make some new ones that discovered Sassy over the internet. By the time I start my set I think I'm in the highest of spirits. Getting to play music for this wonderful crowd blast those spirits even higher. Fools Gold, Los Camp, Saturday Looks Good to me and Jamaica all make appearances. At some point Warren comes over to tell me there's a gang of kids rocking out in a big circle, taking turns to pull shapes in the center. He says he did the running man. I feel like I've finally achieved something as a DJ. Later Warren joins me in the booth to make a surprise appearance and flawlessly mixes some Passion Pit out of the Phenomenal Handclap Band. By the end of my set I'm left the kind of sweaty mess I transformed into at Sovereign Academies. Ash follows my sweatfest, spinning a vinyl only set that eases the party towards it's close in the most perfect way possible. It's almost 4AM and while Kitcheners has emptied out a lot, Ash has got almost everyone that's left on the dancefloor. While I'm packing up the visuals I apologise for invading his space. He says it's fine - he's just trying to get one of his turntables working. Investigate the plug -it's one of those dodgy 2 pins that isn't making proper contact. If I push back on it the turntable turns on, if I let it go it dies. Ash is running out of time so I urge him to play a song while I hold the plug in place. He does this and runs out to find another adapter, leaving me kneeling on the floor of the danceloor as kids get down all around me. It's a pretty ridiculous end to a totally fantastic evening. On Sunday morning I'm meant to be jamming with Tennyson, but I'm in no state to do so. My voice is totally gone after 6 hours of screaming and singing on the dancfloor. I sadly cancel with the boys and climb back into bed. In the afternoon we go to Patrick and ADK's. Patrick is cooking up some insane Italian sausage pasta for us. Cue awesome times with lovely friends, killer food and the goodness that is The Hudsucker Proxy. A good end to a good good weekend.

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