Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Year in Lists. Video games.

This isn't a list of what I think are the best video games released in 2010. Instead it's a list of the games I enjoyed playing the most last year.

My feelings about the current state and future of games is a little conflicted. I can't convey how excited I am for the potential of this emerging art form. The possibilities for artists to express themselves and impact on their audience are just too awesome to imagine. The potential of the medium to create massively emersive experiences, drawing from the already awesome art forms of film, music and comic books means that games could grow into something fantastic. Sadly this isn't the case. Instead the world endless churns out carbon copies of the same games people were making a decade ago. Shoot the terrorist, drive the fast car, kick the ball into the net. Each year's titles brag about being the "next level" or "unprecedented" but in reality it's basically the same thing with a facelift.

Luckily the gaming world isn't made up entirely of companies putting out generic shooters, racers and movie merchandise. There's hope for games placing more emphasis on narrative, art direction and innovative gameplay. All the titles on this little list succeed majorly in this regard on at least one level. So without geeking out any further, here are the 10 titles I most enjoyed playing this year:

Brutal Legend
Heavy Rain
Mass Effect 2
Heroes of Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
Bioshock 2
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Final Fantasy XIII
Fallout New Vegas

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