Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good weekend: Tennysass and reunification of chinas!

Chad arrives at my place at 6:45 on Friday. Following Anja and I to Pretoria, it initially looks like he's the only JHB friend that will be pulling through for tonight's KRNGY gig. Along the way Patrick calls to say he will actually come as well so Chad pops off to go fetch him. For the drive through Anja's put together a great compilation. It's one third Anja songs (see Alkaline Trio), a third Ben songs (see Algernon Cadwallader) and a third Ben and Anja songs (see Hole). This soundtrack speeds us through to Pretoria in the most enjoyable way possible and before we know it we're back inside the faux cave that is Shiva's. I'm really happy that we're quickly joined by Christian, Kyle and Olivia and spend an awesome little bit just hanging out. Before I know it, the time has come for Tennyson and I to take to the stage. What follows is one of the best times I've had in ages. With only one full practice under our belt, it's understandably pretty messy fun. The only song with really well worked out vocals is "Run like Kenyans" which we played at Get a Room last year. The rest the lyrics I'm using range from rough ideas, freely arranged, to pure improvised spazz-outs. The crowd that's gathered to watch us are really sweet. Honestly, for my first full show doing vocals since the demise of Johnny Neon in 2008, I couldn't ask for a more perfect little audience to help me get back on the horse. Before I know it our set's over and all that's left to do is enjoy the 3 awesome band's that'll complete the night's rock and roll. The Make Overs are next. Unsurprisingly they tear their way through a set of totally brilliant noise. Next is The Frown. Starting up late last year, the band immediately generated a lot of buzz for their crazy live performances. Needless to say I wanted to see them as soon as I heard about the band, but I somehow missed every show so far. Now, finally seeing them, the band don't disappoint. Eve's performance really is pretty mad, Tim's electronics sound massive and tonight they're debating the addition of live cello to their show. After The Frown leaves the stage it's time Pity Fucks. Like The Frown this is a band I've never seen before, but unlike them I had no idea who was involved or what I should be expecting. I was really happy to discover Pity Fucks are yet another Sticky Antlers spin-off band. Antlers guitarist Andreas plays drums, bassist Martinique is now on vocals and drummer Jaco plays guitar. What follows is totally sweet. It's somehow in the same vein as the sloppy poppy rawcousness of Make Overs, but at the same time something different. I'm super impressed by how well Andreas and Jaco are playing one anther's instruments and Martinique's vocals, run through a bunch of guitar pedals, sound insane! After they finish Anja and I say our goodbyes and head home. We spend Saturday at my parents' place. Play with little birds, look at rabbits running around the garden and eat some of the best food ever. In the evening we head home. Patrick, Phil, Cam and Lindi come over to watch a movie and eat Chinese. We get the dinner thing right, but fail on the movie front. Land up having way to much fun just chatting and the night flies by. Next thing we know it's almost 4, the kids dash home and Phil passes out on our couch. For some reason I only sleep for a few hours, wake up way before everyone else and take this opportunity to put a dent in the mountain of comics next to my bed. Later Anja and I watch a documentary on the great Annie Leibovitz. And then in the evening something magical happens. Matt and Nix (our terribly dear friends that have just gotten home from 2 years in London) drop by for a surprise visit. Cue most awesome times, lols and 2 player Ilomilo joy! "Fuck yeah" for special friends being re-united!


Kyle said...

This new Tennyson is by far the most exciting local band for me at the moment! Nice work!

Ben Rausch said...

Awwww, thanks dude! I gotta say I'm pretty excited about it myself!