Thursday, September 23, 2010

You are invited! Tasty Tasty Heritage!

Tomorrow night South Africa's greatest record lable, KRNGY, will be hosting their next party. You might recall that their last night, The Slumber Party, was fantastic. If you didn't know this, you should probably check out these pics and these pics and these words.

For their next night KRNGY will be celebrating Heritage Day in style. Noisey, crazy style. the night will feature KRNGY's own guy/ girl, guitar/ drums scream-duo, Make-Overs. Firm favourites Atom Band and Us Kids know will also be making appearances. Then there's a pretty strange surprise called "The Pregnant Seabass" kicking things off.

If you haven't heard of Pregnant Seabass, that's because tomorrow night will mark the first time it swims onto a stage. Looking for a new opening act for Tasty Tasty, Martinique asked me if I wanted to do an improvised noise set with either my awesome girlfriend Anja or wonderful manfriend Cam. I said I'd take both of them.

I don't wanna ruin any surprises here so let me just say we have something genuinely crazy planned. There's a good chance we'll never do it again, so if you wanna see two boys and girl sing, scream and smash their way through something really funny, loud and possibly even pretty, you have to make sure you'll be at The Bohemian tomorrow night.


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Anonymous said...

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Anja said...

hi Joan Benedict.
I see you are a whore in the ukraine?
would you like to be pregnant seabass' mascot?
you would of course have to get knocked up and writhe around on stage in a fish suit.
don't worry, it's a very classy gig and i do hope you'll consider joining the seabasstards.

Anonymous said...

Haha..Nice one guys were too Awesome on Friday..Pregnant Seabass For the win!

Dustin - Tennyson Extended

Ben Rausch said...

Yes Joan Benedict. I really think you'd make a great seabastard!

While knocked up and writhing around on stage with us, is there any chance you could hook us up with some caviar? (We really like caviar)

Looking forward to your acceptance to join our merry band of oceanic adventurers!