Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We (don't really) do this all the time! The Pregnant Seabass!

This is Cam, Anja and I. On this night we were called Redseabastard, Girlseabastard and Tallseabastard. Other then eating pizza, we also had some fun, being a one-night-only improvised "noise" band called The Pregnant Seabass. While what we'd do exactly was pretty random, we had a rough idea of what we'd do. This broad outline of what we should do when was dictated by a visual backtrack. We watched the visuals on a little monitor and projected them behind us for people to see. We ran the audio from the visuals into a sound-desk. Each of us had a microphone, Red had a guitar and two electronic drum pads, Girl had a big keyboard and i had a little keyboard running into my guitar rig pedal. The whole thing was a big joke. Martinique asked us to do an improvised noise set, so the idea was we'd start out crazy noisey, but after 30 second get all pretty and chilled and show visuals of baby wales playing with their moms. We tried writing a little pop song that went a little something like this:

"Pregnant seabass is at your party!"x3
"Tearing it apart!!!"
"Pregnant seabass is at your party!"x3
Anja wrote this really pretty song. We played a pretty old Green Is For Turbo song. And did a version of a song I wrote last year called Legacy. When it was time to do Legacy my mic broke, so I borrowed Red's. When he joined me on vocals we sung into the same mic and it felt like we were John lennon and Paul McCartney, except neither one of us was a douchebag playing bass. For an encore we put a new DVD on. It was of a 3 minute clip of James Earl Jones flying a plane while dolphins swam on shallow beaches. While it played we packed up.

Surprisingly, after the show, loads of people told us they liked what we did. No-one seemed to think it was as funny as we had, but people actually liked the music, which was pretty crazy.

Then a merry old time was had by one and all. P.S. All these photos were taken by Seabass favourite Patrick Dinneen.

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