Monday, September 6, 2010

Mostly Good weekend. Sickboy and the Spring Smlies

So this weekend was considerably less good than the couple awesome ones that have been going down over the last while.

On Thursday morning I woke up feeling sick. Really sick. Phoned into work to say I wouldn't be making it in. Spent the day in bed, hanging out with my dear friends Rammy and Sex Bob-omb. I landed up re-reading 3 of the 5 books in anticipation of finally reading book 6, Scott Pilgrim's finest hour.

The pretty depressing part of the day was that I didn't make some miracle recovery and could go watch the Make-Overs show I'd been looking forward to. The not depressing part was that Anja came by over to nurse me with loads of soup, chocolate and a plastic koala bear. I still felt pretty terrible on Friday, which was quite a bummer since I was hardly on top form for Beer O Clock that evening. I dunno is it was the healing power of Baggy Dogg's disco or the awesome Wolves Hummingird cake, but by the time I needed to start my set I was feeling a bunch better.

I played for a little more than two hours. Playing out of Shanes local goodness with Fela and some other African stars. Into Tanlines and some other American kids trying to sound like African Stars. Back over to South African kids Yo Grapes, Us Kids Know and The Plastics and then into some incredibly righteous rock and roll with Dutch Uncles, Les Savy Fav and Copy Haho. From there some Go Team was the bridge into a final half hour of old funk and rare groove. It was pretty freaking awesome. Honestly, I had the best time getting to play a whole set of music I'd usually be to scared to drop on the dancefloor.

I'm damn excited for the future of Beer o Clock - I think it's gonna grow into a really special little way to start every Friday night.

After my set I headed home to eat chicken salad, try watch Southland Tales and get an early night.

On Saturday Anja and I headed through to 44 Stanley to try sort out the great hair disaster of the Saturday before. I hung out on Wyatt's couch and read comics while Anja was being worked on. Started out finally getting to read Craig Thompson "Goodbye Chunky Rice". Which seems pretty brilliant. But proved way to depressing for a Saturday morning. So I switched over to reading about super heroes trying to burn the world down. Dan and Anna, so I had some swell compant on the couch, then went back to The Invisibles. Jump forwar an issue or two and Anja calls me over. And her hair looks AWESOME! Once again Candice's hairdressing heaven scores a massive win in my books.

We grab sandwiches at The Boat and head home to watch a new favourite. Having watched all of Judd Apatow's "Freaks and Geeks" several times over, finally getting out hands on "Undeclared" is a godsend. And although we're missing Bill and Sam Weirface, we're loving it so far.

We don't venture to far from the couch for the rest of Saturday. On Sunday I'm feeling a bunch better which is good because we'll be celebrating that Spring has finally sprung. We head through to ADK's place where we find her being all domestic and making roosterkoek. Roosterkoek, is like awesome bread stuff baked on a braai. After being alive for 26 years I discovered it for the first time at Oppikoppi this year. My excitement about it was in fact the catalyst for Annette and I decieding that we need to have a braai to celebrate springs arrival and eat more roosterkoek and that's exactly what went down yesterday. Chad, Patrick, Rachell and Kelda joined us. Much wonderful music went into our ears and food into our mouths. The sun shone loads, dogs did cute stuff and everyone seemed to have as awesome a day as I did.


wordsoflizdom said...

where'd you find Undeclared?!
i waaant.

also, nanna's hair look amaaazeballz!

Ben Rausch said...

How awesome is Anja hair huh?! Can't get over how cool it came out.

We landed up finding Undeclared online at long long last! Come by for a visit with a hard-drive and we'll hook you up!