Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free Music Friday! Us Kids Know! A piece of Problems!

Us Kids Know's brains are overflowing with awesome ideas.

Their absurdly original creativity doesn't just come through in their unique music. Everything surrounding the music gets the same wildly creative treatment. From locking themselves away for days, cutting out hundreds of foam props and shooting their own music video, to following their first EP up with a cassette only release that would come packaged with an illustrated T-shirt. From announcing that their second release would be a 30 minute long song backed with a b-side of the same song played in reverse to inviting friends to make their own mixtapes as the soundtrack for the launch party, Us Kids Know seem to totally incapable of doing anything like a "normal" band. And what's more they seem to be having way more fun than any normal bands doing things the normal way.

Now, with the much anticipated Problems being released on Friday night, Us Kids Know have come up with yet another crazy original idea to preview the 30 minute eargasm. Last week I got a little mail from the kids and here's what it said:

"Hey there!

Because your blog has been so nice to us, we’ve got a lil summn special that we hope you’ll wanna post sometime soonish (the launch is September 10th)…

We’ve taken a 5 minute snippet of PROBLEMS and divided it in half.

So Many Animal Calls has part 1 and’ll link to Joyburg with part 2, and vice versa.

That means, basically, to hear the whole thing (by streaming and/or downloading and then playing the tracks in order), peeps gotta visit both blogs!


Damn straight this is cool! What this means is you can


Fuck yeah!

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