Thursday, December 17, 2009

Musical Machinations. EP Launch. Go.

So the much anticipated Us Kids Know "Friendship Test" EP launch went down on Saturday. I've already written loads about UKK and their fantastic little recording, so I won't carry on about this too much beyond saying it was a very special night.

What I will share with you is some word from the band's drummer Chad, talking about the weeks leading up to the release of the EP.

You'll notice two photos between Chad's words, both shamelessly hijacked from Patrick Dineen's "The 20th". Click here to read what Patrick had to say about "The Last Party of the Decade".

So now, I am very happy to present to you the awesome self produced video for "Tick Stapping" followed by Chad's thoughts on the ordeal of making everything come together.
So, i'm chain smoking. Feeling frazzled. I'm hungover because i just needed to get away. I feel like a pig shat in my head.

And all for what, you ask?
Please ask, i've been dying to tell.

Anyhoo... It's been a rough two weeks. Or Month. Or something. I can't tell anymore. I'm getting sick of seeing Colin and The Guy From Vuvuzela Incorporation [TGFVI]. We've been busying ourselves with Musical Machinations and the EP you've all been dying to hear is on it's way.

We've been around town, scouting shops and nooks and crannies and holes in the wall, making contacts, throwing foam around, slapping it on walls, filming animal corpses on Helloween and debating whether to wear them or not, meeting the craziest, most classic, Jeppe School Boy you ever seen in your life, cut our fingers cutting foam, spent hours shut in TGFVI's flat, slept in gardens...Woah Nelly. Just busying ourselves y'know?

Apart from practicing three times a week, hard, we conceptualised a music video for one of the tracks on our EP. We spoke with the delightful Moore-Gordon team from the KRNGY Logo, we buckled down and went to The Gem with them. Slept there. Recorded there. Took out equipment to the delightful sounds of policemen shooting people with rubber bullets. We drank alot of tea. We recorded. We did some handclaps. I shook a shaker. Threw a chair off a balcony. Climbed a ladder. On Reel and DAT. And it sounds great to my ears. We also shot the Music Video.
We also got the Final Master back.
We also got sick of eachother.

And now we're almost ready to tour. And i'm tired as fuck. But you know what makes it all good? Working fuck hard makes you want it more. So, i'll slap my face some more and we'll give you the best coupla shows you've ever seen.

We're touring our EP from JHB down to Durbs. I'm going to see the sea. And we're going to sell our stuff. And rock out. All for you. Exciting innit?

Our first show starts at The Belavista Lounge on the 12th Dec. Sassquatch will be there. NathanScottPhillips will be there. So will Ampersand and Eyes Like Mirrors and Sticky Antlers. And, of course, yours truly, Commodore64. And perhaps you?

What else could you ask for?
We'll be handmaking the first run of our EP in a delightful foam folder that will sit well on your shelf. It will have 5 tracks on it. It will have our video on it. It will be the best thing you've ever owned. You will hug it and squeeze it. You will not distribute it to your friends illegally. Because fans don't do that. You will buy two copies. One for your puerto rican friend.

You will like it.

A remix or two will follow.
And we will praise you.

Your loyal fan,
Commodore 64.

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