Monday, December 7, 2009

We all know moshing is for dicks right?

So Many Animal Calls is totally not a platform for me to republish written conversations I've had with my friends. It's also not intended to be a place for me to ramble about what's happening outside of the borders of South Africa either.

But in spite of both these facts, I'm re-posting this exert of something I wrote to a friend earlier today.

Basically Colin mailed me saying he'd hook me up with the Wavves album and that his girl had seen Wavves in London recently and that there were all these people moshing to the music.

Here's what I had to say about that.


Awesome! Thanks dude! I'll hook you up a disc in return!

Man, so excited to finally get my hands on that stuff. So is it actually a solo project?

So cool Ang got to see him live! But sad for me about the moshing. It's so rad for me that people like Wavves, Japandroids, Times New Viking are churning out this noisey, 90iesy kinda real rock stuff, but it's not rad if it's gonna encourage people start bashing their heads into each other to show they're enjoying the music.

It was like that when we watched Dananananaykroyd in Scotland. We were so excited for the show, and the band were so good, but it got harder and harder to enjoy the more all these jocks started bashing us around.

Dude, I have the funniest thing; it's a 40 minute MP3 of audio chopped up from all these different Fugazi shows. There isn't any music, the entire 40 minutes is just made up from stuff the band talk to the audience about between songs. Like 80% of it is just them reprimanding people in the crowd for moshing:

"we're not trying to create a soundtrack to your voilence"
"I saw you two eating icecream cones before the show and I thought 'they're not so tough, they like icecream'... Oh don't deny it! I saw you! I know it and everyone here knows it you icecream eating motherfucker!"

Hahahaha! Too good.

Do you know Fugazi? If not I must put a bit on that MP3 disc. Dunno if you'll like them, definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but they're one of my favourites ever.


So there you go. I hope I didn't violate animal call protocol too much with this, but just wanted to let you know I really hope people don't start beating each other up to show they're enjoying music in 2010.

Anyone else that loves the awesomeness that is Fugazi should definitely download the a fore mentioned collection of dialogue here courtesy of the ultra cool

This didn't happen in South Africa

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