Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Link Highlight: astoreisgood

astoreisgood is a good store.

It's now actually two stores, both based in Cape Town.

a store is the kind of shop that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, knowing it exists in South Africa. Like Ke Ai and Canned Applause (Joburg's bygone homes of awesomeness) were , a store is fighting the good fight. It's not in the business of selling fried chicken or crocs or some other product that 50% of the population are constantly demanding. Instead, a store are in the business of spreading awesomeness.

Whether it's in the form of music or movies or books or fashion or gadgets, a store is a source of awesomeness unlike any other in the country today. Best of all they provide free delivery to any South African residents, so it's not like Joburg kids need to sit around crying about not been able to get their new Vice anthology or Phenomenal Handclap Band album.

I could fan out over a store's impeccable taste, their policy to go for quality over quantity, their support of great local events, but I won't. This is a "Link Highlight" post, so let me just link you to the goodness.

Visit a store here.

Sign up to their mailing list here and keep up to date with what they've got on their way for you!

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