Friday, September 3, 2010

You are invited! Beer O Clock!

This evening I'll be DJing the very first of a very special new series of weekly Wolves adventures called "Beer O Clock". In the lupine sounds of Wolves themselves here's what they had to say about these new nights:

"Remember all those times you sat wishing that Wolves was open on a Friday night? So you could go there after work and hang out with your friends and chat about stuff and life and make jokes about what you would call your band if you started one?

Well stop wishing, this is happening pal.

So when that work bell rings on Friday head over to Wolves! Drink some delicious boutique beers (and some regular ones if you like), some cocktail...s, maybe some coffee, while you listen to nice music and hang out with lots of nice people. How rad?

Listen to dancepunk legend DJ Sassquatch play all the stuff he can't play on the dancefloor while drinking only the finest beer in the world - & Union!"

Personally I can't wait!

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