Thursday, September 2, 2010

You are invited! Make-Overs free show at The Woods!

So last Thursday we were not noticing earth tremors while the Sticky Antlers were tearing their way through their last Joburg gig ever. Tonight you've got the opportunity to see one of the first performances by their follow-up band Make-Overs. And you can get in free!

Thursday nights at the Woods are very quickly shaping up to be the best regular night where you can catch bands playing their guitars in full electric glory. First it was Us Kids Know 2 weeks back, now Make-Overs and soon Atom Band. Someone putting these nights together obviously has some awesome taste.

Do you need more reason than righteous rock and roll why you should be coming through? Here's three:

1. There's no cover!
When have you ever gone to a show with great bands where the venue is just donating their awesomeness to your ears and eyes?! Never. Until now.

2. Drinks are only R11!
The benefits of this should be self explanatory.

3. Shuttle to and from Greenside!
For just R20 you can get onto the shuttle service that goes from Greenside to The Woods every half an hour. You don't need to drive to Newtown!

So support the fact that these dudes are clearly trying to give our city a totally rocking Thursday and head through to see Pretoria's most exciting new band tonight!

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