Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday: Pleasantvillians set the Woods on FIRE!

So after my Friday night I told you all about in my previous post and my new habit of getting up ridonkulously early on weekend mornings to catch Ben post-show, I wasn't too sure whether I would make it out on Saturday night. Especially with the whole money situation and that. But after sleeping most of the day, eating almost all of the available chicken at the Melville KFC and watching Jersey shore, I was pretty much ready to hit the town again. Plus Lindi and Cam offered to drive me around. And I can't say no to Lindi. Looking through the photos of the night I realized I must've taken about 50% of just her. I might just be a little in love with her, subconsciously. Don't tell her.
Also - the entire night was essentially run by my housemates. Cam, Lindi and Rox were all playing in a row, topped off with adopted family man Colin. So there really wasn't any two ways about it :)
Said little Linduhrs kicked off the music under the moniker Calamity Jane. The sweetest pure rock 'n roll set got everyone super into it. Was a welcome relief from the bangers going on next door at Town Hall. She played a super unique range of songs from Tilly and the Wall, Apples in Stereo to The Zombies and Joan Jett - with a distinct underlying dance sensibility. A chick even came up to her afterwards asking whether she had a Facebook fanpage. And the barman gave us free shots cause he loved her set.
Roxy took over as That Girl and stepped up the tempo a notch and got kids dancing to slightly hip-hop infused set, everything from chiddy bang to yeah yeah yeahs to this amazing remix of Scanners. Some juiceheads were fist-pumping and perving on her hardcore, which was a bit of a downer, but they soon disappeared back to whatever hole they crawled out of. There was even a guy in a silk suit kinda getup euwwww :/
Just as Cameron (Nathan Scott Phillips) started playing I quickly ducked to the bathroom, where a zit faced youngster boy was harassing this beautiful Siobhan Doherty lookalike. accusing her that she wasn't a natural redhead. When I asked him what he was doing in the girls bathroom the snothead replied with "you're not a natural blonde are you?" and I said, "yeah I am, just a bit darker than my current blonde". He retorted with "well your boobs aren't real"
By this time I pretty much had it with this kid and asked him what the fuck a high school kid was doing in this club. He then said some very disgusting thing back to me which I will not repeat, but I was about to punch him, when he ran away, out the club door. I reckon he was pretty sure my next move besides punching would be to ask the bouncer to ID him. I'll find you someday zitboy and there'll be hell to pay.
Cam played an awesome set as always. And I can't remember what songs they were, but by this time I had been dancing for almost three hours, so I was completely lost in the music. After his set Colin and Cam decided to one on one it for the rest of his set and I finally got to hear one of my favourite dance songs WAYUH! - with my chrissy doing the moves with me :)
At the end of it all we were pretty beat and went home at about 2:30ish.
Love you guys.
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