Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday night: PUMA + SLYmedia = BIG WIN

After the initial disappointment that I wouldn't be able to go to the Hotbox birthday party - (no lifts home and noways that I'm making my first ever trek Joburg - Pretoria return 1.alone and 2.drunk. Hotbox is just one of those places that sober isn't really an option) - I was uber pleased to be reminded of the Puma party that Matt's company, SLYmedia, spearheaded.
Even more pleasant was I when I heard that my buddies Annette, Patrick, Phil and Chad would be there also.
The suttner (check out his blog HERE and follow his twitter HERE) was kind enough to let me drive to the venue with them. And the venue was quite a sight to behold. The amount of work that went into putting this intimate secret event together was extreme. Every inch was puma branded - in such creative ways. Vinyl laces silhouetted underneath the staircases. GIANT Puma Suede's (I wore them upside down as a kind of Jack Parow hat) in a photobooth backgrounded by a bright neon Puma sign. And then the stuff I can't even remember. Everything was just so incredibly slick.
As it was an invite- only event; only the lobby, basement and outside area of the Alex theatre were used, but to great effect. Outside, branded table tennis tables were drunkenly enjoyed and drawn on with chalk. (Apparently this is all thanks to little Kimmy Banks who offered up her Friday to paint the entire thing)
Downstairs people were going nuts - firstly, cause there were some pretty hot DJ's busting out hip shaking tracks, and secondly there was a free booze tab. Now, I'm not exactly proud of this - but in situations like this you have to be pretty competitive with your liquor intake. Especially when you have R300 left in the bank for the rest of the month, and you don't even have a boyfriend in town to buy you stuff. So Este and myself, when the place was relatively empty started our two drinks at a time orders. Now, we know these bartenders aren't stupid. And the rule is, only one drink per person at a time (as I found out later) so Este came up with the ingenious plan that we would order two DIFFERENT kinds of drinks at a time, alluding to the fact that we're obvs ordering for SOMEONE ELSE as well. I know, right? foolproof. Also - every time we got to the bar we would order shots as well.
Three of these trips later and the place was PACKED OUT. Might be to do with the fact that the party was meant to cater for 250 people, but Suttner had 600 on the guestlist. After this it became impossible to get to the bar at all. Between gyrating bodies busting out their best moves to Sutt's set, and people scrambling for the bar, there was about 3 metres between me and my sweet sweet gin nectar.
Aydekay and those scullies pitched up soon afterwards and I sent them on a mission to the basement. To no avail. Eventually after sharing what drinks we had remaining (I essentially stole from everyone, cause I was the only one that didn't have anything. Thanks Aydekay and Chad for the gin, even if you didn't really want me to have any, Chad. I took some when you were looking in the other direction. Sharing is caring and you should be a little less selfish.) we decided to head back to Lothbury and attempt to call Ben.
After a few bazillion tries we got through to him and everyone had a good old chat and chuckle.
The end...or is it?

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