Thursday, March 8, 2012

You are invited to "Jukebox: The best of high five records"

Over the course of a year, we threw 12 High 5 parties, each themed to a very different sub-genre of the wide wide world of rock & roll. Each party was presented as an imaginary compilation, the "tracklisting" of which, was the lineup of the night. Generally this was Ri & I, plus 3 of our favorite DJs. Over the course of each night, 7 and a half hours of dancing were divided up by that month's "High Five".

On Saturday the 17th we'll be hosting "Jukebox - The Best of High Five Records!" a wrap-up event to celebrate the end of the series! Sonically, the night will span the full extent of all the genre's explored over all 12 installments of the series, from swing to surf, proto-punk to post-punk, 50ies soul to 80ies new wave to 90ies indie. The real surprise is, breaking away from our formula of 5 DJs in 7 and a half hours, we won't have a "High Five" , but rather a "High Fifteen"!!! Yes, we are being as ambitious and crazy that we think we can squeeze 15 DJs into 1 lineup and what's more we think it's gonna work out pretty damn well!

If you're wondering about the maths, we have 7 and a half hours from 8:30PM - 4AM, a total of 450 minutes. Divided by our 15 DJs, it leaves each DJ with a power set of 30 minutes each. Whether they try fit 20 doo wop hits into that time, or would rather just play two epic disco jams for the whole set, that's totally up to them. Seeing what people do with a micro set like this and the madness of giving the dancefloor a new selector every 30 minutes, we think this is gonna make for one of the most fun, crazy nights-out that Joburg has seen in ages!

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