Monday, March 5, 2012

Animation Jam welcomes Ricky The Rocket Panda!

I am very happy to announce the latest addition to the team collaborating on this month's Rebel Alliance Animation Jam is also our very first international participant! Welcome to the Rebel Alliance Rocket Panda!
Rocket Panda, know to the authorities as Riccardo Albertini, is a motion designer from Bergamo, Italy. His wonderfully cute name and logo, love of Star Wars and passion for creating beautiful animation was a clear sign he was a perfect fit for our motley crew of rebel scum. Plus he's got mad skills - just check out his reel!

With Rocket Panda on board the total number of animators participating in this project is now 22 (and counting)! A lovely collection of human beings with a very diverse variety of backgrounds they are:

1) Ben Rausch (Cool Your Jets)
2) Cameron Lowry (Turn Your Lights Up High)
3) Daneel Malgas (Awewolves)
4) Derrek Pitts
5) J Matthew Nix
6) Jarred Pereira (Jestr)
7) Jason Sutherland
8) Jim Nicholson
9) Gordon Bakkes
10) Lodewyk Barkhuizen (Planet Future)
11) M.J. du Preez (Doktrine)
12) Matt McFarlane (Cool Your Jets)
13) Neo Majafe
14) Philip Davies (Sheer Shurikahn)
15) PJ Kotze (Planet Future)
16) Riccardo Albertini (Rocket Panda)
17) Richard van Beek
18) Silas Lekgothi (Pencils & Crayons)
19) Stuart Ziegler
20) Sylvia McKeowen (Muis)
21) Terry Adams (Pixel Ninja)
22) Werner Redelinghuis (Cool Your Jets)

To say I'm excited about seeing how this is gonna turn out would be quite an understatement!

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*Derrick* Pitts :)