Friday, September 9, 2011

vampire9000 - Colours EP is out!

Of any free music I've posted up on this blog, nothing has made me quite as happy as what I'm about to share with you now;

For your listening pleasure, I'm proud to link you to the 2nd release by my little record label SMACM, "Colours EP" by vampire9000!

As SMACM's next release after my own band's "Crusades EP", I'm obviously pretty damn enthusiastic about the three songs that make up V9K's "Colours", but I'd like to take a moment to explain why "pretty damn enthusiastic" doesn't even explain how excited I am to be releasing this EP.

Vampire9000 is the solo project of man caled Christian Henn. I first met Christian in the streets of Pretoria back in 2002. Christian and I immediately became super-friends and with our other new-best-friend Maaike Bakker a little gang was born that, almost a decade later, I still hold close to my heart as some of my dearest friends. Right from when I first met him, Christian was hands down the most dedicated and passionate musician I had ever met. And while Chrisitian's talent and commitment to music should have seen him blowing people's minds ever since then, he was always his harshest critic and his ridiculously high standards meant none of his musical creations ever left the front door of his home.

All that changed back in 2009 when Maaike threw a little illustration exhibition called City Slickers. She invited Christian to play some music on the night and, opting to try make simplified pop music, vampire9000 was born. Recruiting Hanre Malherbe on drums and myself on visuals, vampire9000 made it's debut on the 13th of August 2009. The band made it's return at our Dynamo Halloween party. And while Hanre departed for asian adventure Christian kept The Vampire alive, heading into Benjamin Studio to record with Pretorian electronic legend Jacob Israel. It's been a long ride, over the past year and a bit full of adventures, from banjo-related injuries, to vamp putting finishing touches on the EP to Maaike blowing us all away with the artwork she created for it to now, the 9th day of the 9th month where you can click here download this three song labour of love.
But with all the personal back-stories aside, when it comes down to it Colours is just a fantastic creature. Three songs that go so far beyond what we've come to expect from South African music. Songs that are overflowing with creativity, enthusiasm and joy. And what's most exciting of all, this is just the start; we've got great plans for where this project will be going and I couldn't be happier to have all of you along for the ride!
So if you haven't done it yet:

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