Friday, September 2, 2011

Jo Fo Euro. Day 16 Berlin

Somewhere along the Autobahn, we find ourselves eating more wurst.

Watch 30 Rock in the van, listen to Sea and Cake and next thing we know we're at the venue in Berlin.

We work on one last batch of “Shooting Star” record sleeves.

Watch our friends Young Legionnaire play their final set of the tour.

And then we do our thing.

When we start the venue's half full, but 3 songs in it's just packed.

And the Berlin crowd proves to be one of the most lovely we have the pleasure of playing to all tour.

After we finish the place erupts into a huge party. Dudes from the venue help me up a ladder to retrieve my projector as the ground around me rapidly spirals into a chaotic dance-floor. We retire to the tiny red backstage, eat fruit and drink beer.

It's heart warming the way Dan still has a huge bald spot on his leg; more than two weeks after Amy removed a thick strip of his hair back in Manchester.

At some point I hear the DJ playing some LCD. I dash out onto the packed dance-floor, but dancing alone's just weird and imagining rocking out to this same song back in Johannesburg just makes me homesick. I head outside for some air and discover the sun's up and we've unknowingly gone through the night.

I head back to the tiny red room to inform everyone that we've spent our whole Berlin night-out sitting in this tiny room and we need to get out into the streets. They take some convincing, but eventually I rally everyone out of the venue and into the morning air. Not sure what exactly we should do, Alex starts leading us towards The Wall. Along the way we're harassed by some German jocks and American geeks...

...see posters for 70ies arena rock bands with a combined name that sounds like our own...

...and posters for bands that make us swoon.

Other highlights of the walk include Jun taking me to the greatest Kebab house on the planet, us bumping into Paul Legionnaire in the streets and him sneaking us into his hotel for emergency bathroom visits. We get to The Wall, jump back and forth between what was once East and West Germany...

...scribble ghosts on this landmark, giggle at the German word for circus and call a cab to get us back to our hostel.

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