Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Mix Friday! That Plastics get remixed by Sassquatch and Jaysynth!

Earlier this year Jason (Jaysynth, On Travel, J-Dawg) and I (Ben, Sassquatch, B-Cat) were approached by Cape Town band The Plastics to do a remix of one of the songs from their album Shark. You may recall the album making
the list of my ten favourite local releases of last year? Well if you don't, it did and because i liked it so much I was super excited to do a remix of one of the tracks. We picked out the orchestral pop number Jukebox and spent a few weeks working on turning it into a bit of a dancefloor number. We were pretty damn happy with how things turned out, and, with the band a few days away from a little tour of Durban and Pretoria, they've finally decieded to release this little beast - hope you guys enjoy it!
Jukebox - (Jaysynth & Sassquatch Remix) by The Plastics

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