Friday, August 26, 2011

You are invited! Bliksem!

"Bliksem!" is a heart-warming tale of friendship, cuddles, huge basslines, handclaps and fuckloads of soul. The story of two squirrels, the nimble Sassquatch, scurrying around The Musical Forest, gathering up the finest funk punk gems he can get his little paws on, and big old Matt Suttner, kicking back in his den and snacking on only the most delectable nuggets of pure disco goodness. In seasons passed the two were responsible for changing the face of Pretorian night-life with their Sovereign Academy adventures. This time around it's nothing as grand, just two furry little buddies, free entrance, snuggles and disco. No Dubstep? No cover? No Skippy? No School? No agro? Just disco?! BLIKSEM!


rantsNraves said...

this is going to awesome

Ben Rausch said...

Thanks! We think so too!