Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hooray for Humans! Free Grietfest tickets!

Griet's first monster-sized, tripple stage electronic music festival is around the corner, going down this Saturday at Town Hall! The fine doggies of Griet have hooked SMAC up with no less than 4 tickets to the event and we're giving them out to good homes!

To win one of the tickets simply leave us a comment, with your full name and a link to some cool doggy-related content. Pics, vids, gifs, whatever, so long as it got some canine in it. For example, I was pretty taken by this:

We'll choose our favourite links and announce the winners on Friday and see you at grietfest on Saturday!


C86 said...


NicNorthman said...

Who let the Jedi out? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsK894hmP0U&feature=related

HenkLustig said...

This awesome dog is not lost. http://boingboing.net/2007/10/24/flyer-for-an-awesome.html

Little Komen said...


michael said...

Who would have thought disco loving dogs;


prinses greta said...

seeing that teleportation doesn't exist yet, this might be the next best thing..


michael said...

I remember seeing this article in the Daily Sun newspaper, i love the stories they come up with and when the call went out for dog stories i went searching;

"The most recent Kwana story to catch the attention of other media was that of the feral dogs that were terrorising residents in the small village of Inchanga. Journalist Siyabonga Mhlongo heard about the story and followed it until she was able to get the ward councilor in the area to admit that the situation was indeed dire. The story revealed how a pack of marauding dogs were holding the residents hostage after killing two people. The story went on to, be covered by local radio stations and daily and weekend newspapers."

Marauding dog's holding people hostage? Really? Way to go! power to the canines!


Nelka said...

Some lulz:

And here's a pretty awesome rescue:

Asian Persuasion said...

ME GUSTA OWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynell said...


party dogs!! Such a funny vid!!

Lynell said...


crap..name: Lynell van Heerden btw.

Noralicious said...

Dear Griet,
I have always loved your awesome well organized Parties and want sadly don't have a ticket yet nor do I have money on my Bank account to buy it so I hope you choose me.
Because I love your Parties I thought a very nice tune- which is quite Doggy because of the Artist and quite frankly the song is just great-would fit !!!

Here is the link enjoy it:

And btw I dig this song like I dig your Parties!!!

Conrad Jooste said...

Hey guys...!

Check this out...
Imagine if people actually wear dog costumes to the party!!!



Dylan said...

Coolest. Dog. Ever.


Dylan Steenkamp

Alikat said...

Man... These guys! <3

Kyle Opperman said...

These are the cutest little cats, Munchkins! http://acidcow.com/pics/18429-munchkin-14-pics.html

Lindi said...

Lindi Goosen


Lindi said...

Lindi Goosen

This is also pretty rad, skip forward to about 1 min 30 sec, awesome dog playing keyboard


C Dawg said...

Cameron Lowry

This has gotta be my favourite!


Patrick said...

It's a puppy!

And the ever popular skateboarding dog:

Sometimes I wish we were a skateboarding dog.

TeddyWeruWolf said...

We all have dogs in our lives, that have changed our life right? Well, there are some canines that aren't so "Lucky". Society For Animals In Distress is an organisation that intends to change that. I volunteer there on my holidays and it's enlightening to see people that dedicate their lives to saving&rehabilitate dozens of dogs, cats, horses, donkey's, and even a goat. Lol!
Make a donation today, no matter the amount, so they can keep up with their great work!
Even pass by their farm, located in Midrand, and drop off a bag of dog food? You can pet a puppy if you like even? =)

See you Saturday homedogs!

Mark said...


Alikat said...

My dawgie does this :D

Nora Mathelemuse said...

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