Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grietfest Ticket winners!

So we had a whole bunch of entries for our free Grietfest tickets comp. People are clearly pretty damn excited for tomorrow nights festival! Wading through all the entries and choosing winners was pretty tough; before i announce the winners there are a few honorable mentions that almost got tickets:
Runners up:
Dylan Steenkamp:
Yes Dylan, this really could be the coolest dog alive.
Patrick Dinneen:
For being the only person to post his own doggy content, to be specific, this lovely little puppy from his blog. He also posted the legendary Skateboarding Dog, but as you'll see, would later be outdone by even more awesome dog and skateboard related business.
Kyle Opperman:
For being too rock and roll to care (or too high to realise) that he was posting awesome cats in an awesome dog contest.
Cameron Lowry
When I set up this comp I told myself the first person to post a link to Hyperbole and a Half would be an insant winner. It is, afterall, the single greatest journal of dog ownership in recorded human history. Unfortunately for Cam he's one of my best friends, so making him a winner would have just felt wrong. Sorry Cam. Sam.
Lynell van Heerden
It's dogs having a party - COME ON!
Hooked us up with this link to high speed photography of dogs shaking their heads. On of the craziest things I've ever seen.
Princess Greta:
Linked us to Doggelganger - a website that allows humans to find a look-alike canine looking for a good home. Cute idea and rad site. You win!
Lindi Goosen:
So this has got to be my favourite entry of all the links I was sent. Lindi does happen to be my friend, but if you have a problem with that, just watch this video again and I gaurentee you won't be mad at me anymore.
Lindi and Lynell, you're names will be at the door when you get to Grietfest, remember your ID to prove who you are. Alikat and Princess Greta - WE NEED YOUR HUMAN NAMES! Please drop me a comment with them so I can get you on the list - if you haven't done this by 4 i'll have to give your tickets to one of the runners up!
Thanks to everyone for all the fun stuff you sent through for this - I'll see ya'll tomorrow night at grietfest!


prinses greta said...

my human name is Greta van der Merwe

oooh yeeeaah!!

(dankie x ∞ )²

prinses greta said...

uuhm, my ID says

M van der Merwe

confusing, i know..

Alikat said...

Hey, thanks for the win guys! My human name is Ryan Randles.

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