Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You are invited! Get a Room!

Every day thousands of independent bands in South Africa are losing money to metal head sound engineers renting out their gear and questionable expertise for a small fortune. Fuck that shit.

This event is aimed at those who wish to see the hard working musicians pocket the bucks.

Sunningdales Hotel is a dive. There's a decent sized room with a bar and a strip pole.

Each band will set up wherever the hell they like and play as they do in their practice space, with just as much volume and effort as they would on a stage.

The 16th is a public holiday. Jeremy Franklin & The Zulu Allstars will be rocking Wolves. After that, we urge you to dance down the road and support a good cause...

“Get a Room!"

Raw and rare performances. No sound guy. No stage.

Tennyson Extended
Us Kids Know
Eyes Like Mirrors

Hotel Sunningdales
88 Corlett Drive
16 Dec. 9:30 p.m. R30

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Anonymous said...

kinda cool... but not sure if I agree with the opening statements...