Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We do this all the time: Scott Pilgrim Launch!

Last Tuesday we threw a little launch party to celebrate the South African release of a little movie called Scott Pilgrim vs. The World based on a little comic called "The best thing your eyes will ever see".

Personally I had an night that was beyond awesome. The event sold out. Then people that couldn't get onto the list still showed up, just hoping someone wouldn't show so they could get in. So with a full cinema of kids I got to watch what is easily my favourite film of the year. In my opinion, the best "film based on a comic" that anyone has ever made.

After the screening we were given the cinema's smoking lounge to have a little after party, which featured loads of cool music and even more cool kids.

Monster-sized high fives to Nu Metro and UIP for making this night a reality. It was a fantastically special night.

If anyone reading this hasn't seen Scott Pilgrim vs the World, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's a must see.

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